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Automatic Receipt Print Giving A Better Control For Your Restaurant

As a restaurant/takeaway owner you want your business to have the best tools and softwares to run and build you business. We have taken all the necessary steps to automise the process and have incorporated the Automatic Receipt Print option to any thermal or normal EPOS receipt printer either to an existing one or to a new installed one. By working with your existing thermal receipt printer or any other kind of printer, we have eliminated the pressure of buying a new device or hardware to run this process.

How Does the Automatic Receipt Print Work?
We will connect your existing hardware (Thermal/Normal receipt printer) which you may be using to print your EPOS receipt to our restaurant online ordering system and each time a new online order is placed by your customers via your website, the order along with all the necessary details of the order will automatically print in the receipt printer allowing you to speed up the process of delivery or collection.

For the system to work properly, we will install a small application on your local machine which will run in the background and monitor for any new orders placed on your website. As soon as a new order is placed, the application will retrieve the order, process it internally and then finally print the order in a nice formatted receipt print.

What are the Advantages of Automatic Receipt Print?
Automatic Receipt PrintYour business is better controlled when you automise your ordering system, so by having the automatic receipt print for your online orders, helps you save time and offer better customer service to your existing and new clients. To list a few advantages of having automatic receipt print:
1. Automatically prints orders without any interactions.
2. Alerts when there is a new order with sound.
3. Runs automatically in the background without having to start and stop.
4. User friendly graphical user interface.
5. Connects to almost any type of printer.
6. Prints 3 types of copies (Reception copy, Customer copy & Kitchen copy).
7. Can use kitchen codes if required for kitchen staffs.
8. Can set server connection time to check for orders based on busy periods.
9. Saves staff’s time to check for orders as they are printed automatically.
10. Eliminates human errors while copying the order from the screen.
11. Bring professional approach to your restaurant/takeaway business.

Should You Get The Automatic Receipt Print Option For Your Business?
We highly recommend you to have the service added to your package and for a very reasonable fee we can incorporate the automatic receipt print with your RestaurantOS online ordering system and offer you a complete package to speed up your day to day business operations.

Having the professional approach of having a well formatted receipt print to give to your customers, increases you company profile and this could eventually bring a better customer loyalty for your business.

  • Contact us today and see how we can help you to integrate Automatic Receipt Print into your online ordering system and give your the advantage over your competitors.

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