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Restaurant EPOS Systems are one of the most important system along with online ordering system which every restaurant/takeaway needs to speed up the process in house providing accuracy in billing, customer services, phone order taking, printing receipts, auto print, maintain tables, reservations and many more options.

We have seen several pizza shops, cafe’s, restaurants/takeaways, bar and several food related businesses do relay on Restaurant EPOS Systems to maintain their day to day activities.

Restaurant EPOS SystemRestaurantOS is an online ordering system helping your online customers to place orders and receive them to your back-office to print and complete the order. As we are specialised in restaurant online ordering system we will not dip our hands into producing a new restaurant EPOS system at present, but rather focus on building the best and powerful restaurant online ordering and bring new versions to incorporate the latest technologies.

We have teamed up with a very professional company in UK who have 15 years of experience in providing restaurant EPOS systems to many UK based restaurants and takeaways and if you are interested in both restaurant EPOS system along with online ordering system we can provide you a complete package and maintain both systems under one roof. Getting both the systems together from us entities for a discount and better services.

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