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Every business large or small all depends on customers and same goes to restaurant/takeaway business where they are totally depended on customers placing orders for delivery/collections either via phone or online both needs some kind of marketing. Leaflet distribution is the traditional way and have been successful for many years, but as the technology advances there is a diversion of marketing methods used today.

Online Marketing” have recently become a proven method of marketing as it can be controlled and tracked where as classic way of offline marketing can sometimes become hard to track and control. With online marketing you understand you return of investment (ROI) as you can see where visitors are coming from, which is your best landing page, how many people have placed orders per day comparing with the daily visitors, gives you click through rate and many more.

Market Your Business OnlineWhen you order your RestaurantOS package we provide you initial SEO marketing allowing search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to index your website and generate traffic to your website. If however, you are looking for intensive online marketing to produce better results and generate huge traffic/orders then simply contact us with your requirements and your daily/monthly budget. One of our SEO team will look into the scopes of marketing your website and suggest you a marketing plan within your budget.

There are two top powerful online marketing methods available for restaurant/takeaways is PPC (Pay Per Click) with Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising and the second option would be article writing on related industry. These articles will get indexed in search engines and will bring traffic to your site converting these visitors into potential customers.

Online marketing takes some time to start producing results, but once the marketing methods are stable it will start producing a long time business and increase your referral customers daily. Keep an eye on our blog updates where we have different marketing methods we suggest that will start bring customers to your website and thus increase your orders per month.

  • Contact us if you like to discuss the different online marketing methods for your new or existing website and get a good understand from our SEO experts.

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