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RestaurantOS is build keeping in mind the current technological requirements for restaurants/takeaways to trade online. We understand what these businesses needs and provide them with the solution that is easy for both parties such as their customers to order online and also easy for owners/staffs to track and complete orders.

Once we build your branded/professional website and hook our advanced restaurant online ordering system (“RestaurantOS”) you are up and running to take orders from day one and then we train you and give you complete control to drive your business. Along with all other advanced functions build-in the system, we give you FREE lifetime verison updates with any charge promising to provide your business with the best and the latest technological system for run your business.

With several recent surveys, it is found that 70-80% of the people shop online and the trend is increasing rapidly. If your business in not positioned to trade online then you are missing a lot of potential customers who are just diverting to your competitors.

RestaurantOS is a fast, simple, reliable and affordable online ordering system having the most advanced ordering and management functions helping owners like yourself to get your up and running in no time and start to trade online giving your competitors a blow.

Yes, RestaurantOS is suitable for all small to larger restaurants/takeaways and we have developed the functions to suit both business trades.

Every business large or small have this question in mind, “What is my ROI?”, “Will I Get What I Am Paying For?” and many other related questions. The best way to look at is how will the online ordering system “RestaurantOS” help to grow your business month on month and also give you the competitive advantage from your competitors by having the technological advantage needed according to the current demand.

If you do the right methods of marketing suggested by our marketing experts then you are guaranteed to get ROI within no time. We are so confident that once you get the RestaurantOS setup and running then you will never have to look for any other food ordering system to run your online business.

We try to keep the ordering process as simple as possible and let our expert team do the rest to get you up an running in no time. All you have to do is select the template from our Template section and complete few details and one of our sales agents will contract you and get more details from you. We aim to complete orders within 2 weeks but it all depends on individual requirements.

No, you do not need an expensive system to run RestaurantOS since it is a web-based ordering and order management system you can run on any PC, Laptop or Tablets and all you need is a internet connection to receive your orders once they are placed via your website.

RestaurantOS is divided into two parts, “Customer Ordering Front End” & a “Backend Order Management System” incorporated within one package giving you the complete control to receive and process the orders and booking placed from your website. Once an order is placed and alert is send to the owner(s) email addresses and also an alert is shown in the “Live Order” section in the back-office.

Yes, if you already have a website up and running we can incorporate RestaurantOS with it and give you the control to take online orders and manage it from the RestaurantOS back-office. All we need is your domain access and also existing web-hosting details to move your existing website to our servers and incorporate the ordering system with it, thus saving you extra web-hosting charges somewhere else since all these are part of your yearly renewal fees.

When you order RestaurantOS based on the package you order you will have full control accordingly on your website, its contents, images and domain name. We hold the control on the codes and scripts of RestaurantOS, web-hosting and any functional ideas/updates within the system.

Yes, you can make any changes on your website within the first week of design and development and once you have selected your template, confirmed and work is allocated no major changes can be done on the template and any major changes are subject to extra changes on top of the package price based on your requirements. We try to be as flexible as possible but due to high demand of our ordering system we are unable to carry on multiple changes after the first week and confirmation of work.

No, we respect your business model and we do not take any share or percentage per order as compared to other competitors who operate on conditional basis. However, at times there are small restaurant/takeaway businesses who wants to run their online ordering on “percentage per order” and only at that time we operate on that basis. We prefer an one-time design and setup process rather than the percentage option as on a longer run you are sharing a bigger chunk of your business profits month on month by deciding to go on a percentage basis.

No, you do not have long-term commitment with us but we operate on a yearly renewal basis (see our support/maintenance renewal section) where you get your first year free for support, web-hosting and maintenance.

Yes, you can communicate with your customers via email and SMS marketing depending on the package and add-on you have on your account. In your back-office you can see the list of your customer base, their details and a detailed analysis of their orders.

Yes, you can create special offers on all of your menu items, create discounts codes for different media, marketing and occasions and grow your customer basis at no extra cost as this function is part of the RestaurantOS and can be controlled by yourself from the back-office of the RestaurantOS.

Yes, you can cancel your order once it is placed but you have to cancel before you make the first 50% upfront payment as we start the design and development process only once we receive the first upfront payment.

We are aware of this requirement as at times you want to disable your ordering system for few hours or a day or two and RestaurantOS has this function as part of the package. Simply use the active/deactive function in your dashboard and control when you want to take online ordering.

No, RestaurantOS is designed with all the functions you would ever need and we do not allow any changes how the system works and the design of it as part of the package and for any reason you believe that a certain function is not available in RestaurantOS, simply contact us with a detailed information about the function and how will it benefit your business. Our technical team will look into the matter and update the RestaurantOS if it falls within our company policy and version upgrade policy.

Yes, RestaurantOS supports multiple branches management allowing your customers to use the same website and place orders according to the branch they choose to place orders. This function is not part of the Premium package but we charge you extra on top of the original package based on the number of branches and same/different menu details you would like to connect to RestaurantOS. Simply contact us with your requirements giving us a detailed information about the number of branches you would like to setup along with menu details and one of our experts will contact you to discuss the setup process and charges.

Yes, you can receive your orders via Fax, but you are required to subscribe monthly to a third party “email to fax” (eFax) services where they will provide you with an email address which is setup to forward to your given fax number. Once we receive your email address provided from these email to fax company then we can setup RestaurantOS to send orders to your fax. We do not charge you for this service but you are required to set up with the third party before you can receive orders via fax.

Yes, RestaurantOS has the function to print your web orders directly to a setup receipt printer but this service is not part of the package and we charge £150 extra for this add-on. You can request to add this service any time prior or after you placed the order with us. We DO NOT provide any receipt printer or any hardware support as per our company policy. Please contact your receipt printer manufacturer or supplier for installation and support queries.

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