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Boast Your Orders With SMS Marketing

Boast Your Orders With SMS Marketing Today

  • Are you looking to get instant orders today?
  • Do you want to get your existing customers to order again and again?
  • Do you want to stand out of your competitors and provide a better service?
  • Are you ready to take on the next marketing ride for your business?

If your answer is Yes, then SMS Marketing is the best marketing option for you…smsbenefits

“Send Instant Promotion to Your Customer’s Mobile Today and Get Flooded with Orders Through Your Online Ordering System.”

1. Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • 97% of SMS are opened and read. (OFCOM survey)
  • Can communicate to your complete customer database within 5 minutes.
  • Your online registered customer can instantly know what you are offering.
  • From Name will be your Business Name not any mobile number or any other number so you are branding your business name and building relationship with your customer.
  • Your customers always look for discounts, coupon codes and offers.
  • Minimise your cost and increase your returns.
  • Response rate for SMS Marketing is higher as they are in real-time.
  • Mobile Marketing is the most cost-effective than traditional form of advertising

Example SMS

2. How SMS Marketing Works?
When your customers come to your website and registers to order their food through your online ordering system, they will get registered into your SMS Marketing campaign and when you decide to send any message to all your customer base simply go to your SMS Marketing section in your back-office and follow the instruction. Once we receive your request, we will carry out the instruction accordingly and SMS will be send to all your customers at once.

3. How will SMS Marketing Help My Business?
SMS Marketing is one of the best marketing medium for the 21st century compared to the traditional way of marketing such as leaflets, cards, books, magazines and so on. Since SMS is real-time, you will get the results in real-time. Let’s take an example to illustrate it.

Example 1:
Your total number of customer registered: 1000
Your average amount per order: £20
Total number of orders per day: 10
Your income per day: £20 * 10 = £200

Now, your SMS Marketing is active and you have send an offer to your total customer base. Now lets see what happens.

Example 2:
Your total number of customer registered: 1000 (remember its increasing per day)
Your average amount per order: £20
Cost per SMS: £0.10
Total cost for this campaign: £100 (1000 * £0.10)

Response Rate of customers ordered after SMS send: 100 (10% of 1000 customers)
Your total income: £20 * 100 = £2000
Your net income from this campaign: £1900 (£2000 – £100)

In the second example you can see how once campaign boosted your order for that day. Run the same campaign once a month and you can simply calculate how much can you increase your business with SMS Marketing.

Since there is NO MONTHLY subscription, you run the campaign when you think is the best time for your business.

4. Our Packages and Price Plan (Per Campaign Basis)

  • 100 customer – £10
  • 200 customer – £20
  • 500 customer – £45
  • 1000 customer – £85 (normally £100)
  • 2000 customer – £150
  • 5000 customer – £400
  • 10000 customer – £700

5. How Do I Get SMS Marketing?
Simply choose the SMS package from the below drop-down list keeping in mind your total number of customers that will receive SMS promotional messages and once you complete the PayPal order, you will be redirected back to a requirement page, where you provide us with all the details that are required to complete this SMS Marketing campaign.


**Note: Make Sure After Payment Click on “Return…”

Get your SMS Marketing package activated on your account today and instantly increase your orders. We aim to get back to you within few hours once you order to discuss your initial requirements and a time frame to complete your request.

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