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Fast, Easy & Reliable Online Ordering System

Increase Your Revenue

When we develop your own branded website and your own online ordering system we are very confident that once you start promoting your website you will start generating orders. This will increase your revenue and also increase your profit. Once your brand is popular, orders will flow automatically.

Fast & Reliable Order Taking

We have built plenty of websites and have over 5 years experience in online systems development, we can confidently say that our restaurant online ordering system is very fast, easy, reliable & user friendly for both customer and restaurant/takeaway owner.

Postcode Based Delivery

Postcode based deliveries mean that you can deliver food according to your delivery preference area. As we know ,most of the restaurants and takeaways only deliver their food around a 3 or 4 mile radius and charge different delivery costs for different areas.

Not Technical Non Technical

Our system is user friendly for the customer who places an order online and for the owner who receives the order. Once we build your own branded website and ordering system , no technical experience is required to operate the system.

Secure Online Payment Secure Online Payment

We have 3 type of payment methods, 1.Paypal , 2.Cash - (Cash is collected once the food is delivered) and finally 3.Call Me-(staff calls the customer and requests they pay through PDQ machine after the order is placed online.)

Restaurant Online Ordering System Menu Custom Menu Integration

We have a separate section for menu management so you can easily add, edit, delete activate or de-activate any menu item. We have the option to add sub-categories, menu item options ,pick & mix for pizzas, fast food, Chinese, Thai, etc. Check out our Live Demo to learn more.

Restaurant Online Ordering System Language Language Settings

Our system support multi-language option. Restaurant online ordering system back-office default language is English but can also be changed on request or you can simply fill up the form what language you want and will appear on your system back office.

Restaurant Online Ordering System Real Time Order Updates Real Time Order Updates

Once the customer places an order online, all the time and dates are according to your local time. Advance 7 day dates will be shown in the drop down and advance time will be shown in the drop down when customers place an order online, no previous time or date will be shown.

Restaurant Online Ordering System Analysis Analysis of Order

We have a section for total order history. You can track how many orders have been completed daily, weekly, monthly & yearly . You can break down how many orders you have received from the payment methods Paypal, in Cash or Call Me .You can view how many orders have been completed or cancelled and so forth.

Restaurant Online Ordering System Customisable Music Customisable Music Order

We understand that on Friday and Saturday nights restaurant and takeaways are extremely busy so we have added the option of an ordering sound alert. When the order is received online, the sound will always play until you complete the order. Sound alert can also be customised choosing music or sound.

Branch Management Branch Management

Our restaurant online ordering system has the function of multi-branch management. If you have multiple branch and need only one website then your online orders will be diverted to the exact branch back-office but you can track all branch orders in one place. (Ad-on)

Automatic Receipt Print Automatic Receipt Print

Our system supports any receipt printing hardware.If you want your online orders to be printed in your receipt printer, we can give you that option. You give us the receipt printer model number and we will install a small software to your desktop and all orders will start printing automatically. (Ad-on)

Orders to 3 Emails

Not only will there be an order alert sound in your back-office, but your online orders will be sent to three of your chosen email addresses , so there is no way an online order goes unnoticed. For example- one email could be yours, the second your manager/staff and the third may be your business partner's email.

Affiliate Affiliate Integration

Take your business to the next level by providing commission to your affiliates empire which will bring online customers to you. Affiliates are those who will bring online customers to you and in return they will get commission over a lifetime period or a once off basis ,which you can set from your back-office. This is an advanced way to boost your business. (Ad-on)

Account Mangement Account Management

If you have plenty of staff then we have an account management function where there are two user levels, one is for the owner and the other is for the user/staff. Your staff will be unable to see everything in the back-office that you can see. Unlimited user accounts can be created.


Online customers have the facility to place 7 day advance ordering, once they place a pre-order, this order will show in the pre-order section of the back-office. Once the order date matches today's date, the order will show in the Today's Order section. No action is needed from your side

SEO Optimized SEO Optimized

Your own branded website and own restaurant online ordering system will be indexed in Google and properly SEO optimized and submitted to Google Webmaster .You will start getting visitors to your website which will convert into sales and profit.

Facebook Facebook Ordering System

Your online customer can also place an order online through Facebook itself so the Facebook customer does not need to visit your website to place an order. Your online ordering system will be integrated with your Facebook fan page as a Facebook app. (Ad-on)

Tracking Code Tracking Code System

You can track each and every online order from where your orders are coming from. You can place any tracking code from back-office to track anything you want. This will really help you to understand what converts best and what does not.

Google Analytics Google Analytics Integration

We will integrate Google Analytics tracking code with your website and ordering system so you can track each & every visitor, where they are coming from and what are they doing on your website. This will help you to improve and understand about your website.

Buddy Listing Buddy Listing

Online customers have the facility to divide the orders according to buddy listing. For example: one menu item will be for the person who is ordering and another menu item will be for his friend or family, so you as the owner can understand which item is for whom.

Two Time Variable

You can set one time variable or two time variable as we know most of the restaurant and takeaways open twice a day .We have added this function in your back-office where you can set two timings for collection and delivery.

Promotion Promotion

You can give your online customers a voucher code, special offers and gift vouchers. For example you can give a one off 20% voucher code to your online customer who registers and places an order, buy 1 get 1 free. All types of promotion can be provided.

SMS Promotion SMS Promotion

Build more trust between you and your online customer by sending special SMS alerts to order online. You can also send SMS promotions on weekends or whenever you wish to offer special promotions to your online customer. You can buy credits from back-office for SMS marketing.

Mobile Application Mobile Application Browser

Your ordering system will be converted into a mobile browser, so your mobile customer does not need to login onto a desktop to place an order online. Simply, they will download the application on their browser and starting placing an order through their mobile phone. (Ad-on)

Pick and Mix Pick and Mix

This feature is mainly used for pizza special offers and Chinese restaurants. With this feature you can give your online customer a choice of any dishes, pizza or anything from the menu. Example: Any 2x7" Pizza from the menu and so on.

Email Marketing Email Marketing

Our system generate orders for you because the system will understand the behaviour of your online customers and every conditional period one promotional email will be sent to your customers to increase your number of orders every month. (Ad-on)

Reservation Reservation

Online customers can also book a table online, without the need to send an email or call. It will be a simple form for your online customer to fill out which takes their details and it sends to your email address, back office and to auto receipt print.

Delivery or Collection Delivery/Collection or Both

You can decide which option you want, we provide both home delivery and collection as default options but you can decide whether you want only home delivery or collection. The majority of restaurants and takeaways provide both options.

Notes Notes on Items

Online customers can leave a comment to specify if they want an order made to their own specification so you can understand what are the customers special requirements on preparing the food. For example no coriander on Chicken Tikka or if they have a food allergy to a certain food ingredient.

Delivery Mangaement Delivery Driver Management

Most of the restaurant and takeaway businesses have more than one delivery driver for home deliveries. We have this unique feature that shows you as soon as a customer places an order online, an email will be sent to the driver with the full order so the driver will be on alert. (Ad-on)

Customer Analysis Customer Analysis

This is a unique feature in our system. You can analyse which customer has collected the most points and which customer has placed more orders. You can even track what food they like most and how much they have ordered every month. It's a vital tool to better understand your business.

Delivery Mangaement Food Analysis

This is a special feature in our system where you can track what food is selling the most, how many orders and which amount has been ordered .This will help you to analyse what items are selling and what items are not.

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