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Being a restaurant/takeaway owner can sometimes become very stressed when simple processes can change into a long winded process to solve. Human errors are very common in average to busy restaurants where orders taken online needs to be reproduced on a piece of paper and errors could happen during the process of copying the order details from the screen. Saving the time in solving the errors and rectifying the problem, time can be better utilized using the RestaurantOS Auto Print software to get your live orders printed automatically on a receipt printer as soon as it is ordered without having to copy from the screen and make simple errors.

1. How RestaurantOS Auto Receipt Print can boost your Restaurant/Takeaway business?
As a business owner you want to concentrate on building your strategic business plans rather than spending more time in daily operations. RestaurantOS Auto Print software can:

  • 1. Save your staff time and better use it for serving the dining customers
  • 2. Take more phone orders as you will have more staff time
  • 3. Avoid simple human errors during copying from screen
  • 4. Present your customer with a professional receipt for their order
  • 5. Improves brand awareness
  • 6. Get orders printed even when your restaurant/takeaways is closed
  • 7. Helps you to focus more on bringing online orders as the orders are managed automatically
  • 8. Avoid collection/delivery order confusion as orders are marked correctly by type
  • 9. Easy to read and understand both for front and kitchen staff
  • 10. No extra hardware investment is required as we can use your existing receipt printer
  • 11. Overall improves daily tasks in the restaurant/takeaway

2. Can I use the software to print to a normal printer?
The way the software is designed is to print the live orders placed through your restaurant/takeaway website and print it directly to a receipt printer and the format is designed for a receipt printer.

Yes, however you can print it to a normal printer but the format printed will be in a receipt print format. We can change and update the format at an additional cost.

3. Can I add the RestaurantOS auto print software to my existing website?
In-order to get the setup and linking configured correctly to the RestaurantOS Auto Print software we can currently install it only when you have purchased online ordering system package from us.

4. How many copies does it print?
We have complete control over how many receipts should it print through the RestaurantOS Auto Print software by configuring the details in the setting section of the back-office. By default, it will print three receipts whenever a live order is placed.

Three Receipt Types For Restaurant Receipt PrintThree copies that can be printed are:
1. Main Copy: This will have all the relevant order details, menu items ordered, customer delivery address, payment methods and many more. This receipt will be clearly marked as Main Copy when it prints.
2. Customer Copy: This copy is same as the Main Copy with a change of the title from Main Copy to Customer Copy. This receipt can be an optional print which can be configured via the settings section.
3. Kitchen Copy: This copy is designed for kitchen only where it will print order details, menu items in big and bold fonts along with customer details. This receipt is also an optional print and can be configured from the back-office.

5. How much do I have to pay for the RestaurantOS Auto Print software?
The RestaurantOS Auto Print software is an optional utility that can be added separately to your chosen package.

(A one-time cost of £150 for setup and software installation which do not include the receipt printer and any hardware.)

When you decide to purchase the software, we will sort everything from our end and all we need is a remote access to your computer to complete the setup and installation and linking to your website. Sometimes we may have to use a third party software if your printer does not support our printing software, but the cost of the price of the software will be included within the setup and installation cost.

6. How can I purchase the RestaurantOS Auto Print software?
The software will definitely improve your order process and will eventually boost your restaurant/takeaway business. Simply select the payment option below and after completing the payment you will be redirected to a page, fill the form and one of our business advisers will get in touch with you and go through the installation process. We can complete the RestaurantOS Auto Print software installation within 72 hours from the time we receive your purchase confirmation.


  • Contact us for an initial assessment of your requirements and learn how we can setup RestaurantOS Auto Print software in your computer.

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