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Online Takeaway Ordering System with Advanced Features

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Ordering foods online has been a common cycle for people in UK for the past few years. This craze is expanding quickly and is used for takeaways and also for home delivery. Earlier, people would either buy takeaway directly by going to their nearby restaurant or might use the telephone to order.

Due to advance in technology and the options of ordering safely and securely over the internet, people have turned out to be changing their habits in many ways. Through an online takeaway ordering system one can now order their desired food through an online menu by selecting their preferred restaurant; and within just a few clicks you can now enjoy food right at your desired destination with ease.

Online takeaway ordering has many benefits and is a simple process for people to use. Most of the parents are working in today’s busy world, which makes it very hard for them to cook a healthy meal after work.

Some of main reasons for the popularity of takeaway’s are:

  • People these days are too busy to cook.
  • People love the taste of fast food.
  • Price is reasonable for the quality of food.
  • It is difficult to prepare some food items at home.
  • Difficult to learn some cooking methods.

Generally incorporating online takeaway ordering into your restaurant/takeaway business is one of the best approach, as it is a quick and simple process which leaves you in control and assists you to find your customers and get them to order in an effectively designed and monitored process.

Online takeaway ordering system with advanced features is what RestaurantOS provide. This will help increase your sales and take your business to another level. Want to know how?

We will transform your restaurant/takeaway menu into a digital menu which will be based online, allowing customers to access all your food items, prices, descriptions, menu options, special offers, mix and match deals and order directly through your restaurant website. The order will then go through a secured order management system making it ready to view and process.

Along with the online ordering system, you will get free one year hosting, lifetime updates and a brand new website. You will also receive notification when an order is placed to three different email addresses and also get printed out to your receipt printer if you wish to. Along with complete notification, you will have the option to reward your customers with points and help your business grow. We have many more unique advanced features built-in within our system that will help you not only to receive and process orders but will over period of time help you to  grow your business  with all the tools your restaurant business would ever need.

Through an online takeaway ordering system, you can update your menu prices and items with ease. You can provide beneficial offers, discounts and promotions to customers and boost sales. You can now divert staffs that were responsible for taking manual orders on to other sectors of the business. In the modern world today, it is very important for every business to have a professional branded website, helping your customers to know you better. This keeps you one step ahead and puts you in a whole new arena against other competitors using restaurant online ordering systems.

Therefore, through an online takeaway ordering system you can target a whole new customer base that prefer ordering online and will also give your business better recognition over the internet.

  • Contact us to learn more about our online ordering system and one of our representative will contact your directly to discuss your business requirements. We have many happy clients who are enjoying the full potential of our order management system and harness the power of internet to grow their business everyday.

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