Requirements To Get Started

×The quicker we get these requirements completed the quicker you can start to take online orders.

Bringing technology into your restaurant/takeaway business is a great move to increase your business growth and with RestaurantOS be assured 100% that we deliver with complete accuracy and do not leave scope for any complaints as we strongly believe your business growth is our growth.

Below are the following checklist that are required to get started:

  • 50% upfront payment of the project and rest after delivering the project.
  • Menu (Hard copy scanned or Soft copy) for data entry purpose.
  • All the images of your restaurant/takeaway, food images and any more images that can be used in your website. Images should be send as a ZIP copy to “” and mention your business details and website URL in the email.
  • We need contents like (About Us, Services, and any other contents). If you can’t provide us with the contents we will write it with extra £20 per page.
  • Logo image in PSD or other editable format (very important) or if you don’t have one we will need to pick from your menu soft-copy but can’t guarantee that it will be quality one.
  • Pick a template from our list of templates or if you have any other specific template in mind, please send us a link of that template and we will try to re-design the template with your desired look and style. Once the template is confirmed you cannot change the template.
  • Please provide us with your “Domain” name login details or point your domain to our DNS in your domain name server. Here are the DNS name: NS1.GVODNS.COM & NS2.GVODNS.COM. If you already have existing website than first we need to take all the data back up and than you can change the DNS settings or you can give us the login details and we will do the necessary changes required.
  • Anything you want to add extra or delete in the homepage and any other pages, this needs to be mentioned in the initial stages of the design. If you require changes after the initial design is confirmed then there will be extra charges applied to your package.
  • 3 x order alert email addresses where orders will be send when an order is placed online. These could be one for yourself, one for your manager/staff who runs your business and one for your business partner. This is an additional feature to keep 3 people updated after an order so no orders gets un-noticed.
  • We have reward points system, so you can reward customers every time they place order online. Points are calculated as “£1 = 1 point & 1 point = 1 pence” for customer’s next order which can be redeem in the checkout. The numbers are flexible so you can choose what points you want to give to your customers and decide the value of each point. You can provide us with the calculations or you can setup yourself in the admin panel.
  • Once we have all the required things to get started, we aim to deliver within 2 week time.
  • Once the Project is delivered the final 50% installment payment must be cleared within 7 days and no major changes are allowed on the website, however we can do minor changes within 2 weeks time. Any further changes are subject to extra payments.
  • £250 annual subscription fee for web hosting, site and system maintenance, online support, small changes to website, but first year is FREE and is included within the package.
  • We will require a sign agreement with yourself (restaurant/takeaway owner) to safeguard both the businesses interests.

What we will provide after project is completed?

  • Full login details in a document sheet of you Gmail, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Business Page, Back Office(owner) login, Paypal, Domain Email account and any other related login details (if applicable).
  • System security for website and back office with complete monitoring by our team.
  • 24/7 email support.
  • FREE Lifetime version updates.
  • Backup of monthly existing website and back-office data & database
  • FREE website hosting & maintenance for the first year.

Having a 10 years of experience in restaurant/food industry, we know your business needs and with RestaurantOS and our skilled support team you will never have to look for any other online ordering system and a reliable company to work with. Our clients speak for our work and we take pride in it, see our client portfolio and see how many happy customers we serve year on year.

  • Contact us if you are unsure about any of the above requirements and one of our team member will be happy to assist you with your requirement questions.

Contact us

It is very easy to contact us, three ways to contact us - by email , by phone call or use our contact us page and fill up your details. We prefer you to contact us via the "contact us page" so you can put down all your details and requirements in the form.

We would love to hear from you in order to discuss how we can help to start and develop your projects.