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Why Owners Do Not Incorporate Restaurant Online Ordering System?

For many years restaurants/takeaways have been running their business in the most classic/traditional manner but now time has changed as the need for their customers has changed. We now have laptops/computers & tablets such as the iPad’s in every household and with the demand for smartphones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and many others the demand for quick access to ordering food online is increasing rapidly.

5 Top Reasons Why Restaurant Owners Are Scared To Incorporate Food Online Ordering System?

Technology is exploding so fast that it becomes almost impossible for restaurant owners who have been doing business the traditional way for these many years to incorporate it. Below are 5 most important reason why owners do not embrace the latest technology in their business:
1. Lack of technical knowledge to operate the system
2. Do not want a change in their traditional way of business
3. Have been mis-sold before with non professional ordering system
4. Do not want to add extra cost to their business
5. Got a good client base and do not want to expand the business.

There are various other reasons but the above 5 are the most common ones we found in our survey on many local restaurants/takeaways owners. Operating a laptop or a tablet now becomes very easy once you spend some time on it. There are various training centres across the country who provides free IT training to small businesses to help increase their IT knowledge to incorporate technology into their business.

What Will Happen If These Businesses Do Not Incorporate The Technology?

Time is running fast on these business owners as their competitors will not sit down and quickly embrace the latest technologies to impress their customers and make it easy for them to place orders to their restaurants/takeaways.

Business is all about customer services and easy of operations, having a restaurant online ordering system have many benefits right from time and staff management to analysis of customer order patterns which is not possible when you run a traditional business.

With the increasing number of people online, it has become almost necessary to have your own branded professional website where all the relevant information about your business can be available to your customers 24/7 as they might look up to your website for menu prices for comparison, or they might look for your phone number to place order or even find your address to come and dine in. There are 100 of other advantages of having an restaurant online ordering system with your own branded website integrated together.

How can RestaurantOS Help Me To Incorporate Ordering System In My Business?

We take your business requirements very seriously and having many years of experience in the restaurant/food industry we know exactly what your business needs are. Our online ordering system “RestaurantOS” has been build with keeping the needs of the restaurant/takeaway business in mind along with the needs of your customers.

Once you get started with RestaurantOS and get the setup completed, and do the initial website offline marketing you will soon see an increase in online orders once your customers are aware of your website address and find out that you are now offering online ordering system. We give you the complete control of the system and once you get used to it you will realise how easy, reliable and user-friendly the overall system is. With the help of our multi-language support in the system it becomes even easier to operate.

Why not check out our system features and see if all of your business requirements are part of our ordering system?

  • Contact us today for a free initial assessment of your business requirements and once you feel 100% confident with our system then you can choose a price plan and get ready to battle with your competitors.

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